Detox is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism.

Detoxification can also be defined as restoring vibrancy.


Tiny Orchid

Although allopathic medicine uses advanced techniques to withdraw excess and harmful molecules from a person’s body, many scientific reports state that alternative medicine detoxification processes are a myth and a “waste of money”. However, I have found through personal experience and friends’ reports that health is much improved by practices intended to detoxify the body.

Allopathic methods are used to detoxify the body, such as dialysis.  However, easily accessible dietary or cleansing methods may also be helpful, that likely remove molecules linked to industry and human contamination of the environment through unwise practices.  There is a growing body of scientific literature linking pesticides, heavy metals, and other substances, to illness.  There is a growing movement of people using raw food diets, juice cleanses, yoga, and other practices, to help them recover from illnesses allopathic medicine can not heal.

An unhealthy body is connected to an unhealthy mind, and mood. Someone with impaired digestion or poor physical health invariably has thinking and emotions affected negatively as well. Given that our brain is affected by the composition of our blood, aspects of our lifestyle that impact our blood composition, including diet, exercise, massage, cleansing, and other body care, must also affect the brain.


Detox. Re-talk to your body.

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